note from @ryanhemsworth

fans of horror films are familiar with cliche, in what we've seen and heard. i've been seeking out horror since i was about 9 or 10 years old, and eventually when a film like It Follows comes along you have to stop and marvel at how it's held together - by the elements we're used to, but also by something new. if you've seen the movie, you quickly realize that besides the great writing and everything, it has one of the most unique soundtracks in a horror film ever. this is thanks to Disasterpeace, composer and producer based out of Berkeley. his portfolio also contains the legendary Fez soundtrack, amongst others. so the honour is all mine today to help put some more people onto his patient, beautiful, and sometimes harrowing work.




A friend is joining the military in 4 months and he's praying everyday really hard. Pray for him so that he may be a safe boy come March. Semper fi.




Saigo is a fictional character in my music who falls in love with you but dies later on. I wanted to make a song showing her creation and her dreams. sorta like a prelude i guess lmao.



words from @lontalius I started writing the minute after I listened to what Alexey sent me. the melodies are so strong, and full of emotion…which can be rare for a ‘beat’ like this.

words from @cutmylips I started make this song straight after my trip to old castle with my significant other. That was great time, very impressive landscapes and deep feelings. I was really inspired with my life flow and expressed all this things in this tune. When the sketch was half ready I decided to ask lontalius to join me and fill the tune with his voice and words. I hope everyone gets something bewitching and inspiring.

Lontalius & cutmylips



it's been exciting to watch mark redito (formerly known as Spazzkid) develop as an artist - one who shows equal interest in any of the emotions he can express musically.
'3am apologies' feels like a step in a new direction as a great songwriter first and foremost. under the spazzkid moniker he's been able to walk the line as an exciting live performer, creative remixer, but i'm interested in where mark redito will take us next. i'll listen to this song on repeat until then.

Mark Redito



love. femininity. volatility. power: some people don't handle that combination so well, but through the wound comes the reward.

Priscila Sharp



this song was inspired by a song called never understand by the jesus and mary chain and the dream. writing this song was hard for me because i used to never really write anything that was confident lyric wise but nonetheless i was able to write one and commemorated it to a girl i once dated and was merely inspired by spending lonely nights at underground clubs with the same old breakdown. hoping for the best and thanks ryan

no rome



Monkey With No Tail! is four warm, new tracks from Cape Town producer/songwriter Seferino. his work is dizzy and catchy - filled with organic sounds, following unexpected formulas while maintaining a clear love for pop. enjoy a stranger summer with Seferino.
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note from @robertx2 'Spaghetti tuesday.'

note from ryan: Every song Montreal artist Robert Robert sent me was amazing - it was very difficult to not do the one with the acoustic guitar drop - but this one feels just right. there's so much imagination in these 4 mins, i feel like it was co-produced with a 6-year-old in between rounds of Clayfighter.

Robert Robert


note from @swimgoodnow

Lux is named after this huge crazy club in lisbon! I used to go ther when i lived there! It is a crazy contrast to this old trashed city, and i Think the track shows that kinda feeling!you know when someone asks how you're doing and you can't help but give a super honest answer?? this song is about the highs and lows of that. anna (merival) & i wanna give mad props to joel from air france, darren from the avalanches and torq from stars for their assistance with this one ❤️ and of course a HUGE thank you to ryan :)))))))) love u all

swim good x Merival


note from @vasco

Lux is named after this huge crazy club in lisbon! I used to go ther when i lived there! It is a crazy contrast to this old trashed city, and i Think the track shows that kinda feeling! ❤️



note from @koloto

This is a track written by the 5 year old me, it would make me super happy if you stuck it on your fridge ❤️



note from @henrik-the-artist

it is not always as scary as it seems to be naked

the anxiety, as the pieces of personality
drop one by one from your body.
the fear, of being bigger and yet smaller than the others thought that you were. the guilt,
of not being as cool as you fitted out.

but as we dress in the suit of nature
free from cover free from us we realize
that we are all equal
and that we can all be our true selves

it is not always as scary as it seems
to be naked.

Henrik the artist


note from @parksburton

I'm imagining this rare kind of argument, heated, but with someone you respect or maybe even love, where you can both really get into it, get to the root of the problem, learn something, leave with more than you brought.

Parks Burton


note from @grynpyret

Napping is a wonderful experience - you should try it.



note from @cutmylips and @xinodix

two old friend not seen for ages, and when they recently hung out together casually sketched a track. It was completed separately and you can hear result right now.

Cutmylips X Inodi


note from @mister lies

this song was initially intended for my LP for orchid tapes, “shadow”, but it almost felt too sanguine compared to the other material i had written for it. while that album is about living in a state of flux, this track is about the quest to get out of it and (in the process) discovering a rare escape in the form of another person. thanks to the boy ryan for this opportunity – so happy this song finally has a home!

Mister Lies


note from @diveo

sometimes, leaving's when we love the most.



Fifty Grand

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@Yung Gutted


mixed & mastered by Josh Pleeter

Yung Gutted & Wiki

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kid smpl

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Beat Culture

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Fever Trails

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Dro carey

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