girlfriend of the year
sends boys home in tears
pc music princess.

with headphones on, a serene sandstorm
except the sand is Pixy Stix dust
enveloping, candied.

the brother-sister duo
cotton candy collective
like a first kiss from a dog

Internet's biggest pop export
spokespersons on all things cute
forever in your head

the dark damsel
sapporo's selfie sovereign
playful and endlessly alluring

a kitten cuddling your breast
but then it bites your face
only to show it loves you though.

subterranean alien pop
shot out a cannon from australia to the stars.

musical mother hen
mulit-talent movie lover
humming and whistling

ethereal empress
nighttime flares set off in a field
sincere, solemn and sweet

self-sufficient human synth
electronic babezilla
eternally shining cave diamond